Richard Bolwell - Photographer 

Internationally Published  Professional Freelance UK Based

Live Music, Concert, Tour Photographer & Writer

Richard Bolwell Concert Photographer

Welcome. My name is Richard Bolwell and I am an internationally published professional freelance live music, concert, tour photographer and writer based in the United Kingdom. I work directly with bands, artists, venues, PR Agents and magazines photographing and capturing live music performances. 

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What Others Are Saying About Me

Hannah Wood sound of the Sirens

The feedback and praise we have received from Rich's photographs supports our opinion of them being outstanding!

Jimi Bessant Lead Guitarist

Well mate I'm a big fan of your pics as I previously said they are the best we've seen. I thought they were great after the SKAM show but was even more impressed with the second lot.

John Wood Tour Manager

Awesome photos Rich! This is why I never bother taking any when you're there - mine pale in comparison. See you at the next gig!

Sylvie Sutton Music Fan

Your photo is so atmospheric, I can hear that music and the crowd responding even on this chilly, wet morning. It captures all that's great about Sound of the Sirens gigs.

Peter Noble MD Noble PR

Thanks for coming to the show Richard Bolwell. You captured Platansky nirvana. Congratulations.

Abbe Martin Sound of the Sirens

Another great one Rich. We are lucky to have you there to capture these moments for us.

Daniel Ashish

Hey Richard, you are a great photographer, I love your photography and I am a great fan of your work. Your photography is so inspiring and is my inspiration.

Lets Work Together...

My life as a concert photographer leads me to work with many artists, bands, management teams, PR Agents and venues. During the course of my work I travel to many different parts of the country and visit many different venues. The musical genres and artist demographic I work with vary dramatically from young folk artists to old school classic rock & metal and everything in between.​

Do you have a event or a tour coming up that you would love document​ed? Get in contact and let's discuss working together to capture those magic moments.​