Hey there, I'm Richard Bolwell

I am a music photographer based in the southwest of England working with bands, musicians, PR companies, venues and magazines capturing the magic of live music. There is nothing I like more than traveling the length and breadth of the country helping to showcase the beauty and emotion of live music with my images.

​My whole adult working life, up until my mid 30s, has been spent working in the hospitality and catering industry. As you can imagine, working in this industry means long unsociable hours and working weekends.

​I have loved live music since I can remember and the career path I was following meant little time to enjoy any of the music I loved. This left me frustrated and wanting a change in direction.

In my late 20s I began to find more time to go and see live music and I ended up taking my camera to a few gigs and capturing the magic.​

I really enjoyed photographing these shows and began​ to shoot more and more. I was shooting so much that I decided to take the leap and jump into concert photography full time and pursue this as a career.

It turns out that taking the leap of faith was the was best move I have ever made. I am now living my dream and living my passion. I know regularly photograph band​s and artists for magazines, blogs, their management and PR and directly for the bands themselves. I truly love this life and can't ever see myself doing anything else and I wouldn't change this life for anything.

Let's' Work Together

My life as a concert photographer leads me to work with many artists, bands, management teams, PR Agents and venues. During the course of my work I travel to many different parts of the country and visit many different venues. The musical genres and artist demographic I work with vary dramatically from young folk artists to old school classic rock & metal and everything in between.​

Do you have a event or a tour coming up that you would love document​ed? Get in contact and let's discuss working together to capture those magic moments.​

Certificates & Achievements

Diploma in Photography Certificate - Shaw Academy
Richard Bolwell - Shooting The Rockstars Certificate